7 best places to download fonts for your design projects

The best places to download fancy fonts

One of the best ways to make your graphic and printables stand out from everyone else is by using beautiful typography in your designs.

Luckily for you, there are literally thousands of fonts for you to choose from. From elegant script fonts to strong display fonts; decorative handwriting fonts to simple serif fonts – you truly are spoilt for choice!

Here is a roundup of the best places to get custom fonts for that you can use in your design projects for your blog or business.

Whether you’re working to a budget and need free fonts, or fancy splashing out on something premium, I’ve got you covered.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase (at no additional cost to you).

Free font resources

Everyone loves freebies, right? Here are some of the best places to get free fonts for your graphic design projects.

Be sure to read the terms of use of all fonts before you download them to make sure you are allowed to use them for the purpose you are intending.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel hosts a large collection of commercial use fonts that are free to download.

Commercial use means that you can use the font in products that you sell, as well as graphics that you use on your blog and free printables that you give away to your email list.

Font Squirrel has free fonts to download

You need to be careful with the fonts, because not all of them are free. Some of them require you to go off-site to download them, and then sometimes there is a charge – so be sure to check the terms of each font before downloading.

Some of my favourite fonts on Font Squirrel are:

Google Fonts

I use Google Fonts SO much as a web developer because they let you embed fonts onto a website as well as downloading them to install on your computer.

How to download a font from Google Fonts:

To download a font, click the little plus icon to add it to your “basket”.

How to use Google Fonts

This adds a grey bar to the bottom of your screen. Click on the grey bar to open up a popup box.

How to use Google Fonts

In the top-right of the popup there is a download icon – click that to start the download.

Download a font from Google Fonts

A zip folder will be downloaded to your computer. Unzip the file and double click on the font files to install them on your computer.

My most-used fonts on Google Fonts are:

Da Font

Da Font has a wide collection of free fonts to download.

You need to be careful though, as many of them are for personal use only which means you cannot use them in your blog graphics or printables.

When you’re browsing Da Font you can see the license terms for each font above the download button.

Look for fonts that say they are 100% Free if you want to use them commercially (but still check to see if there are any additional terms that you should be aware of).

100% Free fonts on Da Font

Some great 100% free fonts on Da Font are:

Top Secret
Old London

Premium font resources

If you’re planning to sell graphics that you make with a font, or to use it to promote your blog/website then you’ll need a font with a license that allows you to use it commercially.

This usually means that you need to purchase a premium (paid) font in order to get the commercial license.

These licenses are how font designers make their money, but don’t worry – you can pick up commercial use fonts at very low prices.

The Hungry Jpeg

The Hungry Jpeg is my go-to website for fonts and graphics. They have thousands to choose from so be warned – it’s a bit like going down the rabbit hole and it’s easy to spend hours trying to choose the perfect font!

Fonts typically cost around $10-$20 however they have a wonderful section called $1 deals where you can pick up premium fonts for – you’ve guessed it – just $1.

The Hungry Jpeg is amazing for low-cost premium fonts

They also have a collection of fonts that you can download for free in exchange for sharing the link to the page on your Facebook or Twitter account. View them here.

Some of the fonts I’ve bought (and LOVE!) from The Hungry Jpeg are:

Creative Market

Creative Market is similar to The Hungry Jpeg in that it’s a marketplace website where hundreds of talented designers have thousands of fonts up for sale.

Creative Market is a premium font resource

The prices are comparable to the full-price collections on The Hungry Jpeg, but they don’t have the $1 deals section that makes me love The Hungry Jpeg so much.

However, you can often find deals and bundles that offer collections of fancy fonts at a lower-than-usual price. This is a great way to stock up on loads of different fonts for an affordable price.

Here are some beautiful script fonts from Creative Market:

Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit)

I struggled to decide whether to put Adobe Fonts in the free fonts or paid fonts, but eventually settled for paid because although you don’t pay specifically for the fonts, you do need a paid Create Cloud subscription to use Adobe Fonts.

If you have a Creative Cloud subscription with Adobe then you automatically get access to Adobe Fonts (it used to be called Typekit).

Adobe Fonts works well to put custom fonts into Photoshop

Adobe Fonts works really well with Photoshop because you can download fonts directly into it.

All the fonts in Adobe Fonts are cleared for both personal and commercial use.

They have done some of the hard work for you in choosing the perfect font for your design project with their recommended font bundles. For example, here is their choice of fonts for logo designs.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is another multi-creator marketplace website but they have a bit of a twist.

The operate on a monthly subscription basis, so if you sign up to their monthly subscription package (https://elements.envato.com/pricing) you’ll get unlimited access to all 3500+ fonts on the website.

The subscription also gives you access to over 850,000 assets including: graphics and presentation techniques, WordPress themes and plugins, stock photos, video templates, stock video, music tracks and sound effects, courses and eBooks.

Join Envato Elements for a monthly fonts subscription

Some fonts I love on Envato Elements are:

You’ll need to read the terms of use for Envato Elements as they are quite specific about how you can use their fonts and graphics. For example, if you stop paying for your subscription then you need to uninstall any fonts you have downloaded from them from your computer and you can’t use them to create new graphics/products once your subscription has expired.

Sign up for a free trial of Envato Elements to see if you like it.

Font licensing & usage

Be sure to check the licensing terms before your download and install a font.

Just like with graphics, fonts have licenses that dictate what you can and can’t use them for.

Many of the fonts on the free websites listed above are for personal use only.

Check each font’s license individually before you download them as licenses most often come on a per-font basis, not a per-website basis.

That means that you can only use them on projects that you create for your own non-commercial use.  Personal use could be to create a desktop background for your own computer, to design a greetings card that you give to a family member, for your own personal wedding invitations or to make yourself some digital scrapbook pages.

How to check font licensing terms

If you use the font on a graphic that you upload to your blog, website or Pinterest account, or in a printable/product that you sell then that you are using that font commercially. If you use “personal use only” fonts for those purposes then you risk being sued by the font creator for copyright abuse.

If you’re planning to use fancy fonts commercially then it’s best to purchase a font as you can then be sure of the terms of use before you start using it.

My favourite font website is The Hungry Jpeg because their commercial license is very generous – but more importantly, it’s easy to understand!

They have a whole section on their website where you can buy fonts for just $1 each, making The Hungry Jpeg an extremely affordable way to purchase premium fonts.

How to install fonts on your computer

Fonts come in different file types. If you are installing the font on your computer then you will need an OTF, EOT or TTF file.

To install a font, simply download the file and then double click it to get a popup box showing the different glyphs (letters/numbers) and click the “install” button.

For detailed instructions on how to install fonts on Macs and Windows computers, visit this page on Da Font’s website.

The best font resources 2019

The list of font resources above contains the font websites that I have used in my graphics design career. Of the list, my favourites are:

  • The Hungry Jpeg because of its huge range of fonts at low prices
  • Font Squirrel because of the amount of free font choice
  • Google Fonts because (unlike some of the other font resources) they let you embed their fonts on to a web page so you can use fancy fonts on your website

What is your favourite font resource?

Is it one from the list of font websites in this article, or do you have another site that you feel is the best place to download fonts?

Send me a message to let me know your personal faves 🙂