100+ Halloween blog post ideas for every niche

Halloween content ideas for bloggers

It’s coming up to the scariest time of the year which means that it’s time to start planning your Halloween blog post ideas!

Halloween is a great opportunity for you as a blogger to create unique, engaging content that your readers will really relate to as they get excited about the upcoming celebrations.

You can tap into all that reader enthusiasm by writing your own Halloween themed blog articles. There are hundreds of different ways you can bring Halloween into your blog, whatever your niche.

From lifestyle bloggers to finance bloggers; fitness bloggers to craft bloggers – there are endless ways to put a spooky twist on your regular blog content.

If you’re stuck for Halloween blog post ideas, don’t fret – I’ve put together a list of over 100 possible topics for a wide range of blogger niches.

How to use these Halloween blog post ideas

This post contains over 100 ideas for Halloween blog posts, sectioned out by niche.

I hope that you find them helpful to kick-start your own Halloween blog posts!

These 100+ ideas are a base point for you to generate your own article titles and content. Take them as general ideas to put your own spin on rather than specific headlines or keywords that you should write about ?

If you decide to write a post on any of these topics, I recommend searching for popular keywords and phrases that you could include in your content for optimum SEO.

The ultimate list of Halloween blog post ideas

DIY, craft, home decor & lifestyle bloggers

  1. X ideas for decorating your living room this Halloween
  2. X ideas for decorating your porch this Halloween
  3. Design your own Halloween craft project & document with how-to instructions
  4. A roundup of popular craft projects from other bloggers
  5. Create Halloween printables
  6. How to decorate your home for Halloween
  7. A roundup of extravagant Halloween home décor ideas
  8. How to upcycle trash into spooky Halloween decorations
  9. Roundup post on Halloween craft projects for kids
  10. Roundup post on Halloween craft projects for adults

Fashion bloggers & beauty bloggers

  1. Halloween costume trends for 2018
  2. How to create certain make-up looks
  3. Face painting tutorials
  4. How to make your own Halloween costume
  5. Roundup of celebrities in costume from last Halloween
  6. Where to find stylish Halloween costumes
  7. A roundup of gothic fashion pieces
  8. Example of High Street fashion items that you could use as part of your costume
  9. Tips on how to look stylish at Halloween
  10. Halloween fashion faux paus to avoid

Finance or save money bloggers

  1. How to have an awesome Halloween on a budget
  2. How to save money this Halloween
  3. Statistics about consumer spending at Halloween
  4. Halloween costume ideas for under $5 each
  5. How to avoid being scared by your finances this Halloween
  6. How Halloween affects financial markets
  7. How to shop thrifty this Halloween

Food bloggers & homesteading bloggers

  1. Create your own Halloween recipes
  2. Roundup of your own Halloween recipes
  3. Roundup of other blogger’s Halloween recipes
  4. How to make your own Halloween candy
  5. Halloween cookie recipes
  6. How to preserve fall fruit and vegetables, e.g. pumpkins
  7. Roundup of pumpkin recipes
  8. Tips for the perfect Halloween buffet
  9. How to throw a sophisticated Halloween dinner party
  10. Cocktail recipes for a grown-up Halloween

Health & fitness bloggers

  1. How to stop Halloween ruining your diet
  2. Fitness ideas to overcome all that Halloween candy
  3. Fitness workout with exercises given ‘spooky’ names
  4. How to work off those Halloween chocolates
  5. How to have a healthy Halloween
  6. X Halloween recipes for under 100 calories
  7. A nutritionist’s guide to Halloween
  8. Top fitness mistakes to avoid this Halloween

Marketing bloggers (or those who blog about blogging)

  1. Marketing statistics at Halloween
  2. How your business can win at Halloween marketing
  3. How bloggers can take advantage of Halloween
  4. Halloween social media post ideas
  5. Why bloggers should write Halloween posts
  6. Roundup post of other blogger’s Halloween posts
  7. Instagram ideas for Halloween
  8. Facebook ideas for Halloween
  9. Roundup of viral Halloween marketing campaigns from big brands

Mom bloggers, dad bloggers & family bloggers

  1. Kid’s costume ideas
  2. Kid’s make-up/face paint ideas
  3. How to throw the best Halloween party
  4. How to survive Halloween as a busy parent
  5. Roundup of fun group family Halloween costumes
  6. How I throw the perfect Halloween party… with no prep!
  7. Tips for a safe Halloween
  8. How to stay safe when trick-or-treating
  9. Talk about your family’s Halloween experiences
  10. Write about your own personal decorations and why you have chosen them

Party planning bloggers

  1. How to throw a Spooktacular Halloween party
  2. Roundup of themed Halloween party decorations (e.g. pumpkin, vampires, witches, etc.)
  3. Where to buy your party decorations
  4. Easy buffet recipe ideas
  5. Fun Halloween party ideas for children
  6. Party ideas for adults
  7. The ultimate checklist for planning a Halloween party
  8. 10 top themes for Halloween parties
  9. How to make your Halloween party a scream
  10. The ultimate guide to the perfect Halloween party

Pet bloggers

  1. Halloween costume ideas for pets (roundup)
  2. Create your own costume for your pet and document the process
  3. Dangerous Halloween foods for pets
  4. Celebrity pet photos at Halloween
  5. How to get your pet comfortable wearing a costume
  6. How to include your dog/cat/horse at Halloween
  7. X pet mistakes to avoid this Halloween
  8. How to comfort your pet during fireworks
  9. How to keep your pet safe at Halloween
  10. Halloween themed pet recipes

Photographer bloggers

  1. How to take the best costume photos
  2. Roundup of inspirational Halloween photo shoot ideas
  3. Host your own Halloween photo shoot and share the photos on your blog
  4. Roundup of spooky Photoshop effects
  5. How to add blood drips to your photos (or some other scary effects!)
  6. Roundup of famous Halloween photos
  7. Halloween photography tips
  8. How to take great outside photos when it’s dark
  9. Before-and-after photos of people getting in to their costumes or make-up

Travel bloggers

  1. Roundup of haunted hotels around the world
  2. Roundup of haunted/spooky locations in your local area
  3. The best way to experience Disneyland at Halloween
  4. Halloween traditions from around the world
  5. The best Halloween destinations in Europe/the world
  6. How to celebrate Halloween when you’re travelling
  7. The backpackers guide to Halloween
  8. The digital nomad’s guide to Halloween
  9. The best Halloween events from around the world
  10. Write about your Halloween experiences at the locations you have visited
  11. Write about how you are going to celebrate Halloween in your current country
  12. Which country throws the best Halloween party?

Tech & gaming bloggers

  1. 10 of the best Halloween themed computer games
  2. Review this year’s horror games
  3. Roundup of the best Halloween films
  4. The 10 scariest video games of all time
  5. Roundup of technie/geeky Halloween costumes
  6. Spooky ways in which technology is evolving
  7. Wearable technology at Halloween
  8. How to scare trick-or-treaters with lighting and sound effects
  9. 3D printer projects for Halloween
  10. How Halloween has influenced the gaming industry over the years

Need more Halloween blog post ideas?

If your niche is missing from the list above, comment below and let me know what it is, and I’ll add it in!