How to add borders to photos in Photoshop

How to add borders to photos in Photoshop

When you’re editing graphics in Photoshop, one way to make your images stand out is to add borders to photos.

Discover how to add simple line borders to photos in Photoshop, and also how to cut out photos to fit them inside a frame border.

P.S. Quick Tips Episode #002

Adding borders to photos in Photoshop

Watch the video below to find out how to add borders to your photographs in Photoshop CC 2019.

If you’re playing along with the video and want to replicate exactly what I do, you’ll need the following free resources:

Video timings

  • [0:27] Adding a simple line border
  • [2:15] Removing a line border
  • [2:35] Cutting out a photo to fit inside a fancy frame
  • [6.17] Recolouring the fancy frame to colour-match your photo

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