Why Photoshop is the best graphic design software for bloggers

Why Photoshop is the best graphic design software for bloggers

Have you ever wondered what the best graphic design software for bloggers is? There are so many design programs available, so which one should you choose?

I’ve been asked many times over the years what software I use to create printables and digital download products, and what is the best graphic design software for bloggers. The answer is the quite simply wonderful Adobe Photoshop.

7 reasons to choose Photoshop as your graphic design software

Industry standard professional software

Photoshop is the industry standard software for graphic designers. It’s a fully-featured, professional graphics package with endless possibilities for creativity.

Whatever you may want to do to the download that you are designing, Photoshop will let you do it!

Low cost monthly subscription

Adobe Photoshop is now available on a monthly subscription through Adobe’s Creative Cloud service.

This means that you can get professional grade graphics software for less than £9 per month! This is an extremely affordable way to get the best graphics software.

It works on PC and Mac

Some graphics packages only work on one particular type of computer – i.e. a PC or a Mac.

Photoshop CC works seamlessly with both systems which means that if you change your computer in the future you can still use it.

Use layers for easy editing

One of my favourite features of Adobe Photoshop is the layers palette. Every single item that you put on your design gets automatically added to a new “layer”.

Whether it’s a graphic, background, photograph or piece of text, having everything on separate means that it’s super-easy to move each part of the design individually.

With layers, you can make changes to one element of a design without affecting anything else. That’s an invaluable necessity for digital designing.

Photoshop CC 2019 Layers Palette

Save in different file formats

Photoshop allows you to save your files in different formats. You should always save a PSD version of your designs as this preserves the layers which makes it easy to edit again in the future.

Most digital download marketplace websites require you to upload a jpg or png file which is a “flat” version without layers.

This is super-easy to do in Photoshop; it’s just a couple of clicks to save your design in whatever file format you desire.

It’s (fairly) easy to learn

Whilst it can look daunting when you first open up Photoshop, it’s actually not as complicated as it looks. Once you’ve got the hang of the main tools then you’re well on your way to creating your beautiful digital downloads.

Need a helping hand learning Photoshop? Check out ‘Photoshop Made Simple’, my FREE mini-course that covers all you need to know about how to use Photoshop.

Lots of tutorials and resources available

As Photoshop is such as well-known software, there are hundreds of Photoshop tutorials available on the internet to help you complete any task that you need to do.

Simply type your question into Google or search for something generic like “beginner’s guide to Photoshop” and you’ll be inundated with free resources.

Photoshop vs Canva: Which is better?

Many bloggers use Canva for their graphic design. I think part of this is because it has a free version which Photoshop doesn’t – although if you want to use any of Canva’s advanced features such as loading custom fonts then you need their paid version.

I must admit, I’m personally not a fan of using Canva. Whilst it is undeniably very simple to use, I feel like most Canva images tend to start looking a bit “same-y”.

With Photoshop, you can create your own graphics templates to keep your graphics on-brand, unique and perfect for your own blog.

Photoshop is cheaper than the paid version Canva and it gives you SO many more possibilities.

For example, you aren’t limited to pre-designed templates which might not be exactly what you need – you can design ANYTHING you want.

If you’re new to graphic design and need to choose between Canva and Photoshop then I’d recommend choosing Photoshop.

Okay; I’m biased because I’m a graphic designer and Photoshop tutor – but, there is a learning curve associated with both platforms, so (to me) it makes sense to learn the more professional software that will let you create more original designs.

Start learning Photoshop today

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