100+ Valentine’s Day blog post ideas for every niche

100+ Valentine's Day blog post ideas for every niche

It’s coming up to the most romantic time of the year which means that it’s time to start planning your Valentine’s Day blog post ideas!

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for bloggers as you can tap into your readers’ romantic tendencies and get them extra-interested in your content this holiday season.

There are loads of different ways you can bring Valentine’s Day into your blog, whatever your niche.

Putting a romantic spin on your content can help you get more traffic this time of year, especially from social media sites such as Pinterest and Facebook.

If you’re stuck for love-themed blog post ideas, don’t worry – here’s a collection of over 100 possible topics split out by blog niche.

How to use the Valentine’s Day blog post ideas

This post contains over 100 ideas for Valentine’s Day blog posts, sectioned out by niche.

I hope that you find them helpful to kick-start your own Valentine’s blog posts!

These 100+ ideas are a base point for you to generate your own article titles and content. Take them as general ideas to put your own spin on rather than specific headlines or keywords that you should write about 😊

If you choose to write any of these post ideas I recommend searching for popular keywords and phrases that you could include in your content for better search engine optimisation.

The ultimate list of Valentine’s Day blog post ideas

DIY, craft, home decor & lifestyle bloggers

  1. X ideas for decorating your house for Valentine’s Day
  2. How to add romantic décor to your house
  3. Design your own Valentine’s Day craft project & document with how-to instructions
  4. A roundup of popular craft projects from other bloggers
  5. Create Valentine’s Day printables
  6. A roundup of extravagant Valentine’s Day gift ideas
  7. How to upcycle everyday items into cute Valentine’s Day craft projects
  8. Roundup post of Valentine’s Day craft projects for kids
  9. Roundup post of Valentine’s Day craft projects for adults

Fashion bloggers & beauty bloggers

  1. A roundup of sexy costume ideas
  2. Irresistible outfit ideas
  3. How to create alluring eye-makeup
  4. Jewellery gift guide
  5. How to dress your best this Valentine’s day
  6. 5 of the best romantic-themed lipsticks
  7. Roundup of romantic perfume scents
  8. Romantic inspired make-up
  9. Fashion icon characters from romantic movies

Finance or save money bloggers

  1. How to have an awesome Valentine’s Day on a budget
  2. How to save money this Valentine’s Day
  3. Statistics about consumer spending at Valentine’s Day
  4. Cute gift ideas for under $5 each
  5. Is Valentine’s Day just a fad to get consumers to spend more money?
  6. How to have a spend-free Valentine’s Day
  7. X clever ideas to spend your money on instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day

Food bloggers & homesteading bloggers

  1. Create your own Valentine’s Day recipes
  2. Roundup of your own Valentine’s Day recipes
  3. Roundup of other blogger’s Valentine’s Day recipes
  4. How to cook the perfect three-course meal
  5. Heart shaped cookie recipes
  6. Celebration meals for vegetarians / vegans / keto / people with certain food allergies
  7. Top 10 aphrodisiac foods
  8. Meal ideas to get you in a lovey mood
  9. Wine or champagne reviews

Gardening bloggers

  1. The most romantic flowers
  2. The meaning behind different flowers
  3. How to make your own bouquet
  4. How to make cut bouquets last longer
  5. X long-lasting floral ideas for Valentine’s Day
  6. Where to find the most affordable flowers
  7. Ideas for luxury floral bouquets
  8. How to grow your own romantic roses
  9. The 5 most popular flowers choices for Valentine’s Day

Health & fitness bloggers

  1. How to stop Valentine’s Day ruining your diet
  2. Workout ideas to do with your partner
  3. 5 reasons to work out with your partner
  4. Do the couple that exercise together, stay together?
  5. Fitness workout with exercises given ‘romantic’ names
  6. X fun Valentine’s recipes for under 100 calories
  7. A nutritionist’s guide to Valentine’s Day
  8. Top fitness mistakes to avoid this Valentine’s Day
  9. A three-course keto-friendly meal plan

Marketing bloggers (or those who blog about blogging)

  1. Marketing statistics for Valentine’s Day
  2. How your business can win at Valentine’s Day marketing
  3. How bloggers can take advantage of Valentine’s Day
  4. Valentine’s Day social media post ideas
  5. Why bloggers should write holiday posts
  6. Roundup post of other blogger’s Valentine’s Day posts
  7. Instagram ideas for Valentine’s Day
  8. Facebook ideas for Valentine’s Day
  9. Roundup of viral Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns from big brands

Mom bloggers, dad bloggers & family bloggers

  1. How to get the kids involved on Valentine’s Day
  2. Family-friendly Valentine’s ideas
  3. How to enjoy a kid-free Valentine’s Day
  4. Valentine’s Day self-care tips for mums
  5. How to have a memorable Valentine’s Day with your family
  6. Valentine’s Day gift guide for Him
  7. Valentine’s Day gift guide for Her
  8. X ways to share the love this Valentine’s Day
  9. How to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you have a new baby
  10. X ways to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day

Party planning bloggers

  1. How to set a gorgeous table for two
  2. How to throw a party for two this Valentine’s Day
  3. Romantic printables
  4. Party invitation printables
  5. Love-themed activity ideas for school parties
  6. Valentine’s Day party games
  7. Valentine’s Day party decoration ideas

Pet bloggers

  1. Valentine’s Day costume ideas for pets (roundup)
  2. Create your own love-themed costume for your pet and document the process
  3. Dangerous Valentine’s foods for pets
  4. Celebrity pet photos at Valentine’s Day
  5. How to get your pet comfortable wearing a costume
  6. How to include your dog/cat/horse at Valentine’s Day
  7. X pet mistakes to avoid this Valentine’s
  8. Valentine’s Day themed pet recipes
  9. Handmade dog toy ideas with a love/heart theme

Photography bloggers

  1. 5 reasons to gift your partner a couple’s photography session for Valentine’s Day
  2. Valentine’s Day photo shoot themed ideas
  3. Photoshop effects for romantic photos
  4. Love themed gift roundup for photographers
  5. Best couple poses for a romantic photo shoot
  6. Ideas for displaying your couples photographs around the home
  7. Inspirational portraits/photos of couples
  8. Valentine’s Day photography backdrop ideas

Travel bloggers

  1. Roundup of the most romantic hotels from around the world
  2. Roundup of romantic locations in your local area
  3. The best way to experience Disneyland at Valentine’s Day
  4. Love/couple traditions from around the world
  5. The best romantic destinations in Europe/the world
  6. How to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re travelling
  7. The best love-themed events from around the world
  8. Write about your romantic experiences at the locations you have visited
  9. The top places to propose to your partner in Europe
  10. How to make a budget hotel room romantic

Tech & gaming bloggers

  1. 10 of the best romance themed computer games
  2. Review this year’s best two-player games
  3. Roundup of the best romantic (or romcom) films
  4. The 10 cutest video game couples of all time
  5. Roundup of video game couples that fans wish had ended up together
  6. How to get your spouse away from the TV screen this Valentine’s
  7. Gift guide for your tech-obsessed partner

Need more Valentine’s Day blog post ideas?

If your niche is missing from the list above, send me a message and let me know what it is, and I’ll add in some blog post suggestions. 🙂