What are card making downloads & printables?

What are card making downloads and how can you make money from selling printables?

If you’ve got a craft blog (or just love to craft!) and are looking for ways to create passive income then card making downloads could be just what you need!

Selling printables on your blog is an excellent way to make money from your crafting. You can reach customers all over the world, and you can sell each of your designs unlimited times – much easier than physically crafting one-of-a-kind products!

Before we jump in to find out what card making downloads really are, here’s a bit of background about me.

My name is Sarah (hi!) and I’m a card making download designer. I love that my job allows me to sit in front of the computer playing with beautiful graphics all day – and I get PAID for it (spoiler alert: so can you).

I’ve been a proud CraftsUPrint Designer since 2009 and have sold over 39,000 downloads in that time. Craftsuprint is the world’s leading card making download website with hundreds-of-thousands of designs available to purchase.

Craftsuprint is the world's largest card making download website to buy and sell craft printables

What are card making downloads?

You might be sat there thinking “what exactly ARE card making downloads”? Well… they are… uh-hum… downloadable files that are used to… make… erm… handmade cards. Bet you totally couldn’t have guessed that.

To go into a bit more detail, card making downloads (aka card making printables) are digital files such as PDFs, JPGs, PNGs or zip files that can be purchased online.

Buyers can download and save the files to their computer when they have purchased them so that they can print them out as many times as they wish.

Often the designs are A4 in size and the buyer will print them out onto thin card or photo paper to give them a bit of stability and a lovely glossy shine.

The printed papers are then cut out with scissors and assembled using glue, tape, 3D foam pads, silicon glue or other card-making tools and then used as part of a handmade card.

The download might enable the buyer to make a whole card using the design, or it might be an embellishment or “add-on” to attach to a separate card.

Examples of card making printable templates

Why do crafters buy card making downloads?

Card making downloads are an inexpensive and highly popular choice for card makers all around the world. They usually retail at less than £1 per design and with hundreds of thousands to choose from all over the internet, crafters can be sure that they’ll find something to match the interests of the person they are crafting a card for.

Perhaps they need to make a card for a gin-loving Uncle with a penchant for tuxedos. There’s a printable for that. Or perhaps they’re after a 90th birthday card for their granddad who still plays in his local football team. Yup, there’s a printable for that too.

In fact, whatever a crafter can think of, they can be pretty sure that there will be something available that matches their requirements exactly.

But wait… doesn’t that mean that the market is already saturated? Won’t it be impossible for a new designer to get their designs seen? I can tell you hand-on-heart that that’s absolutely not the case.

Hundreds of new designs are released every week on Craftsuprint and crafters LOVE them.

Shiny new designs are a huge plus for crafters, especially for those who are digitally-savvy and love to keep up with the latest trends in card making themes, designs, shapes and techniques.

How to buy and sell card making downloads

While many digital designers choose to sell from their own individual websites, it is the marketplace-style websites that really shape the card making download industry.

Marketplace websites allow a designer to create an account and start selling directly on that marketplace – similar to how Etsy works.

In my opinion, the absolute number one card making download website is CraftsUPrint.com. I am admittedly rather biased as that’s the website that I use to sell my downloads, but there are SO many benefits to both buying AND selling on CraftsUPrint that it’s a hard website to ignore.

Best of all – the buyers don’t ignore it either! The website gets thousands of visitors (and sales!) every month and it’s by far the most popular website that sells card making printables.

I think Craftsuprint is the best place to sell card making downloads

Another digital download marketplace is Card-Making-Downloads.com. It hasn’t been around as long as CraftsUPrint but it too has a wide range of different designers and a good customer base.

In fact, several CraftsUPrint designers are ALSO Card-Making-Downloads designers – giving them a second marketplace to sell their products on.

You can also sell your card making downloads on Etsy, and even on your own website!

Could you design card making printables?

Of course you could! 🙂

If you’ve got an interest in graphic design, card making, or just want to create pretty things from lovely graphics then you’re likely to enjoy being a digital designer.

If you have access to a halfway-decent computer or laptop, a graphics programme such as Photoshop and an internet connection, you’re well on you way to becoming a digital designer.

In fact, even if you don’t have a graphics programme, that shouldn’t stand in your way. The days of expensive Adobe software costing £thousands are luckily long gone.

Photoshop CC can be purchased for around £9/month – a perfect price for someone just starting their new card making download business!

What’s more, if you decide to start selling your downloads then you’ll be able to earn an income whilst working from home, putting in as many or as few hours as you wish.

My aim for this website is to help you on your journey to becoming an income-generating digital designer with a whole host of dedicated customers to support you.

If you’d like to find out more about how to design your own card making downloads (and how to make money from them!) then check out ‘Digital Craft Masterclass’, my online course that teaches you everything you need to know about designing and selling card making printables.

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